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21224 FM 2100 Road   •   Crosby, TX 77532   •   281.324.2850


Spencer’s Coffee Haus is family owned business and we want you to become part of our Spencer’s family too.  The Taylors are true entrepreneurs who own and operate several successful businesses.  Spencer’s Coffee Haus began as a vision from Alexandra to build a home away from home. She had a dream of working in the hospitality industry for several years, traveling all over the world to hone her passion. She traveled to London, Paris, even Germany, and came back knowing she wanted to open a coffee shop. She took bits and pieces from every place she enjoyed and brought it all back to Crosby, where she set sail on her dream.  

The name “Spencer” is derived from Alex’s dog who was named after the hit show "Criminal Minds".  Spencer is always in the Coffee Haus greeting customers of all sizes. We are extremely dog friendly and welcome dogs of all sizes to enjoy our homemade treats made especially for them! Spencer’s responsibility is to taste test all the treats made daily for him and all his friends, along with several food items catered to their owners. Spencer makes sure that we continue to welcome all dogs of all sizes. Spencer’s friends not only include our friendly 4 legged friends, but he is fond of our customer’s pet pig. He has a special relationship with the mules, goats, and cows next door that he has to say “Good Morning” and “Good Night” every day. He also loves to run with the deer before bedtime.    Spencer’s vision is to have a place where all his friends and owners can come by and either have an important business meeting or relax in their matching jammies sharing a nice hot cup of cocoa, while watching the sunset or sunrise.


• Patrons of Spencer's Coffee Haus may already be quite familiar with the 2-year-old

  French bulldog often found hanging out in the business' office, or lounging in the

  outdoor seating area.
• Spencer belongs to Alex Taylor, co-owner of the new coffee shop in Crosby.
• Spencer may be a canine, but Taylor considers him her baby, she said. She feels similarly

  devoted to her new business in which she has invested so much. It was only natural they

  should share a name.
• Spencer (the dog) represents my home, so I wanted the business to continue that home

  environment feel," Taylor said.
• She owns the coffee shop along with her mother and grandfather. However, her mother,

  Brandi Taylor, credits most of the concept and legwork to Alex Taylor.
• "This is the first business Alex built from the ground up," Brandi Taylor said. "She did

  all of the research to figure out how it can be different and better."
• Alex Taylor had been helping with the family's business in the oil and gas industry

  since around the age of five and got a firsthand look into what business ownership

  entailed. She always dreamed of opening a business of her own in the hospitality field.
• Her mother and grandfather sold their business in 2015, and the family decided to turn

  their attention to something new and fun.
• They got to work conducting market research and recognized the growth potential for

  the Crosby and Huffman areas.
• The family has owned a property on FM 2100 in Crosby since 2009 and

decided it would be the perfect place to build a business.
• "We thought, 'Why not a destination place - something that's nothing like other

  businesses on 2100," Brandi Taylor said.
• The idea to build a new coffee shop was born.
• Bringing this shop to fruition is a project Alex Taylor and her family have been

  pursuing since December 2016. Currently, Spencer's Coffee Haus has drive-thru service

  and two outdoor seating areas, including a garden area and a covered patio area.
• "I want it to feel like it does when you've just woken up in the morning and you're

  hanging out in your backyard sipping coffee - that home-feel," Alex Taylor said.
• They plan to add indoor seating possibly next year.
• Alex Taylor hired a knowledgeable team of employees with nine-plus years of experience.

  Together, they invented a menu of beverages, including customizable coffee that allows

  customers to choose their coffee type, syrup flavor, and milk.

• "I think one of our differences is we catered our menu to our customers," Brandi Taylor

  said. "We let them create what they like."
• Spencer's Coffee Haus takes pride in keeping its business within the state of Texas. They

  buy their products from local businesses, like their provider of roasted beans who

  operates in Porter.
• Local charities are especially important to Alex Taylor. Each month, she chooses a local

  charity to which she will donate a portion of sales.
• Spencer's Coffee Haus is a dog-friendly environment. In fact, there's discussion of

  adding a dog park on the site.
• "Alex has traveled all around the world," Brandi Taylor said. "She's been to London, Paris,

  Germany, Amsterdam, Holland, Mexico."
• However, Alex Taylor realized she wanted her business' atmosphere to reflect the beauty,

  nature and homelike feel of the Crosby and Huffman communities.
• "This is somewhere families can come out and enjoy the day," Brandi Taylor said. "Or it's a

  chance to get out of the office and get coffee and a pastry while enjoying nature. We have

  38 acres of land, and the back of the property opens up onto three beautiful ponds. It's

  just so peaceful. The stress of your day-to-day life fades away and you

  can take a breath and relax."
• Brandi Taylor noted that customer service is another major facet to the

  Spencer's Coffee Haus experience.
• "We are who we are - very friendly people," she said. "What I like about our

  coffee shop is all three people meet you at the drive-thru window to say

  good morning. We get on a first-name basis with customers and know their

  coffee. That's the difference you're going to get."

Monday through Saturday
5:30 a.m. to 2
:00 p.m.