Can you believe Spencer’s Coffee Haus has been open for 6 months, it feels like we just opened the other day! We wouldn’t be where we are today without any of y’all. You were there to support us as soon as we opened and haven’t left since. You make sure we are still doing everything correctly and when we don’t you let me know, so I can fix it, hence the every changing baristas! All your love and support is what made these 6 months absolutely incredible and really shows all of us how when a community comes together to support you, you will never fail or fall behind. We have had several ups and downs but you have never given up on us!

Unfortunately Spencer’s Coffee Haus’s last day open will be Tuesday 5/29th.

After many discussions and prayers I have decided to follow my dream of being in the music industry. Ever since I was little I have always loved learning all about how the music went from a piece of paper to a concert or a song on a radio! I have dreamed of being a Tour Manager for a massive band, where I travel the world and go on tour and enjoy a concert every night and just enjoy seeing the new cultures, and languages of people across the world and how we all come together based on music! Unfortunately to do this, I must close Spencer’s Coffee Haus to make my dream a reality instead of a good night sleep! Being involved with Spencer’s and this community has made my love for music grow more and more every day, but it has also taught me lots of real world experiences that I will be able to keep with me throughout my career change. The support you have shown my family from before we even opened up until now, is something I will never forget or know how to even thank you enough for. From working at the Huffman ISD on almost a weekly basis suppling teachers with their much needed coffee and baked goods, from donating a basket to the Huffman Band Booster, to getting your personal opinion on food items or ideas, to all of our catering events and platters, the support this community has shown us is beyond incredible and I know I keep repeating myself but I will never be able to show my appreciation enough to show how truly honored I am to have become a part of your daily life!

Please be on the lookout for our post on our major event on Tuesday!

Music is a stress reliever, memories of the good and bad, what brings everyone together, and God’s Word. A song can take you back in time when you first heard the lyrics and hold its memory forever. Concerts are where all your problems leave your body as soon as the first guitar strum tickles your ear or the drum beat matches your racing heart. Music is everywhere and in everything we do! Every song on the radio holds a different meaning or memory to every single person. Music is my passion, my stress reliever, my first love, my everything, and something I want to be involved in forever.

Never give up on your dream, even if it means making a major sacrifice and giving up something else you love.